Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I was introduced to a great new artist this week. Well new to me anyway, Grace Potter and her band The Nocturnals have released five albums since 2004, but somehow have managed to stay under my radar until now.

I discovered Grace through Daryl Hall’s online TV show Live from Daryl’s House. Grace has a great bluesy voice, bags of energy and showmanship and is very easy on the eyes too.

Grace Pottter

The dynamic Grace Potter

Grace Potter hails from Vermont in the US of A and plays guitar and keyboards to add to that dynamic voice. She has been compared to both Nora Jones and Bonnie Raitt. The Nora Jones comparison surprises me, from what I’ve seen, it would have to be Nora Jones on some pretty potent stimulants.

If you would like to download Grace Potter & The Nocturnals music from iTunes just CLICK HERE

Personally the Paris(Ooh la la) clip below reminds me of a very rocky version of Fleetwood Mac

The Nocturnals are made up of Grace’s boyfriend Matt Burr on drums, Kat Popper on bass, Scott Tournet and Benny Yerco on guitars. They were a fiercely independent outfit, as can be seen from the clip below, that looks like it was recorded live and on a Handycam. But what a great song and great voice.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals released their first two albums themselves and turned down a bunch of offers from big labels before signing with Hollywood records in 2005.

Their latest, self titled, release was produced by Mark Batson who has worked with Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys. It’s a concentrated effort to bring them into the mainstream as a charting act. Which, in my opinion, can not be far away once they get the exposure.

Here’s a clip of Grace Potter performing in Australia with the RocKwiz Orkestra at Byron Bay Bluesfest. Including Duguld helping out in drums.

If you would like to download Grace Potter & The Nocturnals music from iTunes just CLICK HERE

Or you can download albums or buy CD’s from Amazon using the links below.

By Max Power

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4 Responses to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

  1. tim van horn says:

    OZ: Better late than never, welcome!! Here’s two more videos of GPN. Please go to the trouble of watching both of these.

    To get you up to date, Bassist Danero is gone (2 yr?). Now on bass is the HOT Kat Popper (toured with Ryan Adams) and fabulous guitarist Benny Yerco (playing on the “Low Road” video, above). The NYC vid I’m sending has the full band in its current iteration. Both of these are unbelievable!!

    Grace Potter “A Hot Summer Night” NYC


    Grace Potter/Joe Satriani cover “Cortez the Killer” (Neil Young), Boston, 2008

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for your input. I don’t know if you knew but I am based in Australia, hence not knowing about Grace and the band until recently. I’m trying to spread the word here, as I think they are great. I also let some friends in the UK know about them.

      I realised my information on the line up was out of date looking at the recent videos. It was obvious that there was an extra guitarist and the bass player was of the female persuasion. I’ll update the details above today.

      I haven’t looked at the videos you included yet but I will do today.

      Thanks again for your getting in touch.

  2. admin says:

    OK Tim, I’ve fixed up the article and checked out the video clips, both great.

    Grace looks very different with the dark hair and different style, but as soon as she started to sing she was instantly recognizable.

    The trumpet player was great in that Satriani clip too, as well as Joe tearing up the fretboard.

  3. Super sexy new photo of Grace Potter promoting the Nocturnals new single Never Go Back, produced and co-written by the Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach. You can check out the track at Rolling Stone here:-
    Click to listen to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ ‘Never Go Back’

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