Jessie J on Later with Jools Holland

Jessie J sang her English number one hit single Price Tag on the episode of Later with Jools Holland that was aired here on Thursday. I think the show was recorded in November last year, as Jools and others were wearing poppies for rememberance day (11th November).

I first came across Jessie J and this song when I saw her on an episode of the Graham Norton Show that I reported on in my TV Blog Oz TV Reviews. I was very impressed with both Jessie J and the song. But that was a full production job and the same as the recorded version. On Later the song was cut back to the bare bones with just Jessie and an acoustic guitar.

They say that the acid test of a song is when it is performed with just a voice and an acoustic instrument. Well I think this really stood up and in many ways was better than the original recording. See what you think.

All credit must be given to the guitarist for keeping pace with Jessie as she changed the tempo up and down. My initial enquiries have not told me who he is, but three guitarists are credited on her album Peter Ighile, Ben Martinez and Hal Ritson. If you know who this is please add his name in the comments.

If you would like to download any of the Jessie J albums or tracks
from iTunes, just click on the album over below.

Jessie J

You can download Jessie J‘s album Who Are You for $5.99 or individual tracks from 69 cents at
You can also listen to previews of the songs there.

Every performance I’ve seen of this song makes me smile for a different reason. This one has Jessie J performing with a broken foot at Glastonbury and being upstaged by ankle biter Shay, well almost.

The BBC keep getting these clips removed from YouTube. This is my fourth attempt at bringing it to ya. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

By Max Power


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11 Responses to Jessie J on Later with Jools Holland

  1. MaxP says:

    Got it sussed. The guitarist with Jessie J on Later with Jools Holland is Ben Martinez. On ya Ben.

    I also stumbled across this clip in my travels. Another great performance from Jessie J and Ben. It’s an acoustic version of Nobody’s perfect.

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  10. Maxp says:

    Just found out that Jessie J is getting sued by these guys because they think that she stole Domino from this.. what do you think?

  11. MaxP says:

    Just for comparison here’s Jessie J and Domino

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